Our projects

Business start-up & expansion

Business start-up/expansion is the foundation of our consultancy work. We have worked with individuals, families, and boards of directors in mapping strategies and developing solid financial strategies for business growth.

One of the projects we worked on is with Flushed Toilet Co. Thomas approached us to do some consultancy work to determine the impact of bringing in a new line of toilet products. They wanted to expand in the areas of luxury toilet goods such as bidet toilet attachments and Japanese style baths. One of their main concerns was finding a reputable supplier, identifying customer’s habits and needs, and doing market research. Prior to doing project, we worked with Flushed Toilet Co. on another project that involved doing an annual business analysis, and identified ways they could expand. Taking our advice, Flushed Toilet Co. has decided to expand in the areas of luxury toilet goods. Following the outcome of this most recent project, Flush Toilet is working with JBidet, an online retailer of the best bidet seat products from Japan, to help them expand distribution channels through Flush Toilet. We couldn’t be happier with the result and wish them success in the expansion.

Food & agriculture

Kelwin’s roots are in agriculture and food. We understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of food production and processing. We also have extensive experience in consultancy related to functional foods and nutraceuticals.

In recent years, quinoa has been hailed as a superfood. Working with Edel’s Natural Food Products we analyzed the possibilities of opening up a new production and distribution facility of quinoa. In the end, we thought that the market was already too saturated and the financial benefits of such a decision would be minimal at most.

Community economic development

Our experience in business management as well as with a variety of economic sectors gives us the capability to assist communities with economic development.

Most of the community and economic development projects were done for the provincial and federal departments. We worked on projects such as community revitalization and improving water quality and wildlife habitat in streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes.


Our work in agriculture led naturally to the field of bioproducts. Kelwin was in on the ground floor with bioproducts, initially with ethanol, followed by other renewable energy products and value-added agricultural and forestry products.


Governance can make the difference between success and failure. While the numbers may indicate great potential for an organization, an ineffective governance structure can undermine its potential for success. Kelwin advocates Governance Principles as an effective way to achieve organizational goals and measure effectiveness.

Research & development

Kelwin has worked with several academic institutions to assist them in furthering their research and development goals.

A complete list and detail descriptions of our projects is available by contacting us.