Our approach

What sets us apart

Kelwin offers practical, workable solutions.

Kelwin is a customer-driven, management consulting service dedicated to business and organizational success locally, nationally, globally, particularly in the agricultural/agri-food, e-health and bioproducts sectors.

Unlike some consultants, we don’t set out to tell you only what you want to hear. If our research and analysis tells us that your project won’t work as structured or won’t work at all, we will tell you just that. We want your potential investment, whether it is time, energy, or money, to be meaningful and successful.

At Kelwin, we have developed an innovative approach to undertaking projects. Where practical, projects can be phased with the project fee allocated over several phases. Our clients then have the option to refine subsequent phases if circumstances change. Alternatively, the project could be terminated after any phase should research and analysis indicate there is no value in proceeding any further. This can represent a financial saving to our clients.

We have also refined a go/no go process that helps determine what factors must be in place before proceeding to the next phase.

We are committed to practising in a professional, ethical, and accountable manner. We are governed by the Code of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada).